Eiffel Gallery - Two bedrooms - 91B Tho Nhuom - Hoan Kiem - Ha Noi

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The apartment is located in the Old Quarter ( 91B Tho Nhuom) created by my love. All of decorations are handmade and it's truly the best place you can think of for your vacation.It is full of light, you can see the old town from the romantic dining area or the "Eiffel Tower of Hanoi" from the master bedroom! Taking a bath in the blue sky is also an interesting experience.You can explore Hanoi by walking from this apartment! It's so close Hoan Kiem Lake

   Feeling elegant and nature. The romantic poetic creative space created by the love of hosts with large trees and fish tanks in the sky.
The glass walls create romantic space can see the city, lake, park and street from four directions. Beautiful moments of the day.It is sunny or rains.Perfect place for every moment.
The warm, cozy kitchen offers a feeling of elegant living inspired by the decorations made by the host.

   At 7pm, you can join with local people when they exercise with dance around the lake! Great experience!
P/s: My apartment is located on the 5th floors so we do not recommend those with heavy luggages. May be you thought the loft at high floor but I am pretty sure it is worthy to take some steps to 5th floors and see amazing view. You will feel like in the forest with the fishs tank and natural plants , trust me, you really floating on the blue sky :)

- Private bathroom with bathtub, full kitchen equipment and kitchen
- Free high speed WIFI

Bathtub yes
Free parking at the residence yes
Kitchen yes
TV with Netflix yes
Wifi yes


comment - 20/08/2021

Mình thuê phòng 1 đêm để tổ chức sinh nhật, Pan accept & luôn rep cực nhanh chóng. Phòng xinh rất xinh, nhiều đồ trang trí xinh xắn ton-sur-ton với nhà, cực kì sạch sẽ và gần như đủ trọn vẹn đồ để các bạn nấu nướng. Cây cối trong nhà rất nhiều & sạch sẽ làm cho m thấy rất thoải mái như kiểu có mini garden inside. Nhóm mình mê tít thò lò căn này luôn ý, highly recommend mọi người nhé ạ.

comment - 10/08/2020

Great place, great location !

comment - 09/08/2020

I had a great experience here

comment - 04/08/2020

Unbelievable about this place! The best apartment I've ever stay! Pan has created a beautiful place and I just want to stay here all day. It takes just a few steps to walk to Hoan Kiem Lake and Hoa Lo Prison.I love everything here: the bathroom, the dining area overlooking the street. I will definitely comeback here, the apartment is even more beautiful than the picture!

comment - 24/06/2020

Phòng đẹp, decor tốt, có nhiều ánh sáng, chủ nhà nhiệt tình và tốt bụng , chắc chắn sẽ quay lại đây