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"Pathland Joint Stock Company" is an enterprise established in 2018 with the orientation of building a tourism ecosystem including serviced apartments and experiential tourism branded "Langmandi Experience". For customers who love romantic architectural beauty, close to nature, and love to travel and explore, when coming to Langmandi, they will feel the beautiful space that creates emotions, not simply to live but to be experience.

 With lovely, fully furnished rooms in convenient locations, placed in a light-filled space with the motto "exquisite in every touch". And to date, Langmandi has completed more than 200 apartments. Multi-style and currently a brand loved by customers.

 Since 2019, in order to bring convenience to customers with the desire to spread the beautiful image of Vietnam to international tourists, we have further developed our ecosystem by providing airport pick-up and drop-off services: "Pick-up Car" flight  and Food and Drink experience travel service: "Langmandi Travel" - with a new trend of experiential travel.

“A beautiful, romantic place enough to captivate anyone.”